A Call for Photos!

Your help is needed! All you need is a camera, and pretty much everyone has a camera on their omnipresent smart phone. By now you may have noticed the difficulty we’ve had filling the Betty Lau Gallery with art. In conversation with some lay folks, we’ve come up with an idea to fill the Lau Gallery with art, which is also a way to explore our monthly theological themes.

Each month we will be accepting photos that engage with the theme of the upcoming month, so that your photos can be up for the month as a way for visitors, members and friends to engage with and interact with the theme of the month.

September’s theme is: Welcome.

To participate, just have your camera’s at the ready for any image that you think expresses welcome. Shoot the picture, write 50 words about the picture and email it to the o ce (office@uucleveland.org). From there, the first 15 entries will be printed for our Lau Gallery.

During August Services, we’ll have some sample ideas for you to look at.

Think of this as an opportunity to engage with our theological themes in a different way, and a way to help others to do the same.

Questions? See Rev. Joe