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There have been many Romantic Comedies made in Hollywood about the difference between What He Said and What She Said. The differences between points of view can be both, or either romantic or comical, but they are not limited to those two options.

How Could We Be A People So Bold!?

Unitarian Universalism offers hope of a new beginning through radically caring for one another. This sermon is about how the brokenness of the world is a call for belonging. It is through radically caring that UU’s build the capacity to seek justice in the world.

Hyde Park Service

Join us for this lively, varied and fascinating service of members and friends “up on their soap box” that is bound to enlighten, challenge, and entertain you.

Bridges of Understanding

Today, guest speaker Elizabeth Mount, VA CPE Chaplain, speaks about bridges in reality and metaphor as a place of opportunity for connection, resistance, fear, or compassion. When action is demanded of us, how will we get where we need to be?

The Fairy Child and Me

Sharon will reflect on her personal experience to address the topic of learning compassion and understanding humanity from those who are different. When children grow up with handicapped peers, they are less likely to find people with various conditions disturbing.

After the End

Endings are complicated, and can be painful and scary, but what lies beyond even the most shattering endings? We take time to consider imagination and the creative possibility of “what’s next?”

Seeking A New Land

The service and the sermon, “Seeking A New Land”, is about the contemporary immigrant experience in America. Guest speaker, Mark Weber, CLM, is a member of First Unitarian Church of Cleveland.

Flower Communion

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate our Flower Communion, a ceremony that celebrates the wondrous diversity of life. Revs. Rina and Joe will be leading the service with Amy Collins, our Commission Lay Minister.

Worship in the Park

We’re having worship service with First U at Horseshoe Lake followed by an All Family Picnic. Please join us, and bring a dish to share. Hot dogs and beverages will be provided.

Famous Last Words

Join us Sunday as we explore the sometimes funny and other times poignant words with which people leave this life. You may even be asked to quote someone yourself!