Our Minister

Dr. Douglas Wadkins - Out Minister

August 19, 2012 was Rev. Doug's first service with us as our interim minister and members and friends welcomed him with open arms. For the last 13 years, the Rev. Dr. Douglas Wadkins served the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Bellingham, WA but has also worked as a hospice chaplain, campus minister, and served congregations in North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Oregon, Wisconsin and Washington. For the last six years, he has been working with the Pacific Northwest district on their Transition Team, helping congregations share the ministry during times of change.

Rev. Doug is in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and is available to meet with members and friends by appointment.  Please call the office or contact him at minister@uucleveland.org.


Notes From Our Minister

The Beacon - April 1, 2014

Bountiful Beginnings

Things are shaping up for an exciting April and May. While I remain hopeful for a lovely Spring on the outside, I am supremely confident that warmth and rebirth will prevail within the walls of Society. April will bring Easter and its old, old account of the primordial tales of life’s resurgence just when it seems quite unlikely: the green begins to appear from the earth and on the trees, the phoenix rises from the ashes and the stone is rolled back revealing that the tomb is empty. I would dare say such a resurrection is sorely needed after this winter’s overextended sojourn. There will be much to do with this burst of spring, it is likely that April will bring the revelation of your new candidate for ministry, and your most excellent search team will be working diligently to prepare a welcoming and convivial Candidating Week. They will plan to give you a chance to know each other and imagine the future. Then, it is quite likely that May will bring your work and preparations to fruition as you journey through that week side by side.

This month I will invite you to invoke and explore your own bountiful beginnings. They won’t TRULY be a genesis but rather a renewal and resurgence of life. But the presence of such wonderful forces in our midst can make a huge difference in how we feel about the future. In February, I encouraged you to come to this time with compassion and affection for all involved, and to look for the presence of possibility within and around you. I hope you will bring those helpful companions, indeed. As we journey through April and into May bring along clarity, intention and joy while you’re at it. Think about what you want for the near future and what is essential for you about the future ministry of this congregation, and let that focused wisdom guide you into this time. From this place of clear awareness you can then makes choices that are shaped by your clarity. There is no single right path, but it is important to bring intention to the choice. How will you move through this time and prepare for the future? Finally, I hope you will bring a spirit of joy to this preparation. It is important work, no doubt, but it is also a time to celebrate who you are and what you have to offer! Have fun as you journey through the coming weeks. You’ve done some important and hard work to get here. There is some essential work left to do, but a spirit of joy will help us do that work well.

I look forward to this time with you. I am so hopeful for what will come of it.

Spring is here. Let us move into its promise together!

With abiding affection and warmth,




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