Welcoming the Stranger

In meeting new people, and being in relationship with others, mistakes are made. Social faux pas, cultural misunderstandings and unintended slights sometimes get in the way of good people trying to live good, honest lives. Join us for a look at human relationships.

Bringing Our Whole Selves to Church

Join us for our Annual Water Communion, the ritual by which we traditionally open the church year. Bring water from where you’ve been to be combined with the water of long term members and visitors alike, as we use water to symbolize the spiritual journey that we are all on.

Hope & Struggle

The struggle against injustice is hard and weary. One of the benefits of being in community is that you don’t have to struggle or re-charge on your own. There are others to help dry your tears and share laughter. Join us as we look at ways to improve our lives and our world.