Slow Rolling in a Fast Lane World

We live in a world that regularly demands we keep moving faster and faster.  What do we miss when we are constantly going in the fast lane? This morning we will explore some methods of moving forward that may not top the speed limit but will get us where we are going more enjoyably.

The Space Between

We live in a highly divided world, one where we are separated by politics, fear, the news media, and many other ways. It’s hard to remember to look for points of connection and common experience sometimes. What if we focused on the relationship, thinking that it is in the relationship that the holy lives?

Humans and Other Animals

This service will explore the meanings of our relationships with the other creatures with which we share the planet. What are some of our ethical and spiritual struggles to define ourselves in relationship with them? How do we define and understand who they are and how do they help us define and understand who we … Continued