The Shoes of Others

Social Justice work is complicated by the expectations and fears of all involved, and yet it’s work that we are called to do. Journey with us down the path of imperfectly navigating the work of Social Justice as we ask the question “What’s it like to walk in your shoes?”

Claiming a Voice

What can Francis Scott Key, Rod Serling and Cassandra of Greek Legend have in common? These three figures will feature prominently in Sunday’s sermon about the power of speaking against the status quo. If you want to know how you should, join us for service. Don’t forget it’s potluck Sunday!

Courage to Make a Choice

This Sunday our elected Board of Trustees will lead our service and explore the future options of our congregation.  Come and be a part of the conversation.

Moving the Center

In our second service this year focusing on de-centering whiteness in our world, join Rev. Joe as we explore Dr. Robin Diangelo’s essay “11 Ways White America Avoids Taking Responsibility for its Racism,” and other contemporary thoughts about how we can help to build a world that truly embodies our First Principle.

Reclaiming Dignity

It takes courage to make amends for what we’ve done wrong in this world. Last month our Jewish friends and neighbors celebrated Yom Kippur a day to seek and offer forgiveness for transgressions over the past year. A guest from Edwins Restaurant will be with us to talk about their work there.


Every 500 years something big happens in Christendom. The first shift was the movement from outsider to official state religion for Christianity. In 1,000 the Orthodox and Roman churches divided. In 1517 a Catholic monk, Martin Luther, hung 95 improvements on the door of his church and the Protestant Reformation began. It’s 500 years later…